Cornerstone is a movement of men and women called to know Jesus and make him known. We seek to live boldly in this generation by the words that we speak, the decisions we make and the lives we live.

At Cornerstone we want to live lives that are centred on the Gospel (the good news of Jesus) & led by His Spirit. We want to be a community of people that are on mission for the Gospel. All we are, we are because of Jesus. Now, all we do, we do because of Jesus.

Biblical Teaching and Training

Jesus is our teacher. His words are the words of eternal life (John 6). Faith comes form hearing His word (Romans 10:17). We are transformed by the renewing our mind (Romans 12:2). 

We not only seek to connect people to Christ, but also want them to deepen their knowledge of, and trust in Christ. We want to equip people for engagement in the world.

Humble, Courageous & Sacrificial Leadership

Jesus is the senior pastor of our church. We want to be led by Jesus, lead like Jesus and lead others to Jesus. We want to train men and women for leadership in the home, workplace, university and church.

At Cornerstone we want to model to the wider city of Newcastle a different and counter-cultural city. We want to model a gospel-centred life in the areas of marriage, sexuality, finances, community and truth.

Communities of Life, Love & Mission

God is by nature in community (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). At Cornerstone we seek to not only grow in size and influence, but also in closeness and connection.

We want to see people welcomed and join our midweek gospel communities that exist to serve their neighbourhoods.

Commitment to Gospel Growth

Jesus is on mission to seek and save the lost (Luke 9:10). We want to follow Him.

Our commitment to this will be reflected in the language we use, the lives we live, the meetings we host, the prayers we pray, the churches we plant, the songs we sing and organisations we partner with.

God-Centred Generosity

The generosity of God is displayed perfectly in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. His generosity is costly, indiscriminate, selfless and abundant.

At Cornerstone we seek to mirror this generosity.