As we read in the New Testament we see that churches are led by a team of elders, also known as pastors (shepherds) or overseers. They are words used to describe the same person. The people are qualified men according to scripture (1 Timothy 3:1-7 & Titus 1:5-10). Although elders or pastors are the highest human authority in the local church, they are ultimately following Jesus, the chief-shepherd and ultimate Head of the church. They will give an account to Him for their stewardship.

  • Michael Duff


    Mike leads the team of elders at Cornerstone. He is married to Ess and they have three boys. They moved to Newcastle from South Africa in June 2012.

  • Joel Marsden

    Joel is a GP at a local surgery, and is married to Lynette. They have two sons and two daughters.



    Mark is married to Nicole and they are both Physio’s. They have a son.