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    Gospel Communities – also known as home groups or small groups – are the primary way Cornerstone Newcastle grow in knowing Jesus and making Jesus known together.

    Gospel Communities meet in 8 residential areas across Newcastle and Gateshead on Wednesdays or Thursdays usually in each other’s homes.

    We help each other know Jesus more by praying, reading the bible and discussing life together – as we support each other in the ordinary and extraordinary aspects of our lives. We make Jesus known by finding ways to serve our local communities, places of education or work and the wider city by sharing the gospel and helping practically. 

    Join a GC today, you can expect a warm welcome!


    Children’s work is a vibrant ministry at Cornerstone Newcastle; teaching our kids to know Jesus and make Him known to others is an essential part of our mission.

    Once your little ones can walk, Cornerstone Kids children’s workers will be delighted to serve them as you join the main service. Cornerstone Kids serve children aged up to 10 years old, after which they may join Cornerstone's youth ministry, Fusion. Each Sunday, Cornerstone children's workers lead the youngest members of our congregation in worship, bible stories and activities to help them engage meaningfully with God and being exploring their faith.

    Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children is a top priority for Cornerstone Newcastle; all our children’s workers complete a DBS check along with annual child protection training.

    Walking - 3 years: Live Wires

    3 - 6 years: Ignite

    6 - 10 years: Voltage


    Cornerstone’s youth ministry helps young people from 10 to 14 years go deeper in their relationship with Jesus, and make Jesus known to friends and their families. 

    We support parents in discipling their children from adolescence into adulthood, encouraging them to grow in their faith and serve as vital members Cornerstone Newcastle.

    Ensuring the safety and well-being of young people is a top priority for Cornerstone Newcastle; all our youth workers complete a DBS check along with annual child protection training.


    Beginning a degree while finding a church in a new city can be daunting. Cornerstone Newcastle’s Student Ministry connects students with the wider church while recognising the unique challenges that come with studying.

    Our Student Ministry encourages discipleship with student-specific initiatives, but also by ensuring our other ministries are student friendly – such as protected time on church retreat to study and revise. We also support and encourage students in their campus ministries and evangelism, especially through Gospel Communities.

    At the beginning of the academic year, Student Ministry prepare a lunch for students after the Sunday meeting - this gives students looking for a church in Newcastle space to ask questions and get to know us.

    Keep an eye on EVENTS as we look at creative ways to connect with the Students through social events outdoors. 


    Newcastle is a city known for good coffee, and Cornerstone Newcastle is no exception. The coffee team serve some of the best coffee in Newcastle after Sunday services, free of charge.

    To make sure Cornerstone has the most welcoming atmosphere possible on a Sunday, regular attendees and guests can enjoy a flat white, cappuccino or hot chocolate after the service.

    If you are an experienced barista or would like to learn, Cornerstone would be delighted to welcome you onto the coffee team. Cornerstone has many experienced baristas, including some award winners, who are ready to train you.


    Cornerstone Newcastle’s Set-up team provide an essential ministry to the church. They make sure our space in Newcastle city centre is equipped, welcoming and ready to host the Sunday meeting.

    An army of volunteers set-up for Cornerstone Newcastle’s meetings each Sunday morning. They ensure our meeting space is fit and safe for worship and the family room is ready for parents and babies. Sunday meetings would not happen without Set-up team volunteers sacrificing their morning.

    The Set-up team has helped many new members settle into Cornerstone; volunteers get to know people they serve with, and how the other ministries happen on a Sunday morning.


    Cornerstone Newcastle’s Visuals team make sure everyone can participate in Sunday worship, and provide visual aids for talks and sermons.

    The Visuals team are trained to operate Cornerstone Newcastle’s Audio-visual (AV) equipment, a useful skill in-and-out of church. Visual volunteers set-up AV equipment, project slides to enhance Sunday meetings, arrange music before and after the service and record sermons.

    Cornerstone’s Visuals team help guide visitors through the meeting, and make sure those who can’t make the meeting can still benefit from the sermon.


    Cornerstone Newcastle’s Audio team work closely with musicians to support worship during Sunday morning meetings.

    Newcastle upon Tyne is known for its music venues; as a church in the city center, Cornerstone Newcastle feel it’s important to provide an excellent music experience as we seek to make Jesus known, partly through worship.

    The Audio team are trained to operate Cornerstone Newcastle’s Audio-visual (AV) equipment, a useful skill in-and-out of church. Audio volunteers set-up the AV equipment and work with our musicians to lead the church in praise.

    Sound mixing is a skill that needs to be honed, but you don’t need to be experienced to serve on the Audio team; you will be supported and mentored until you are ready to mix on your own.


    Cornerstone Newcastle’s Music team lead worship during Sunday morning meetings. Their mission is to lead the church in praise and worship that glorifies God and encourages the church.

    Praising God through music has been fundamental to Christian worship throughout history. If you’ve visited other evangelical churches you may be familiar with Cornerstone’s musical style; but we try to recognise musical praise is a centuries old tradition, incorporating different songs and styles into our worship.

    All musicians are welcome to audition for the Music team – even if you haven’t seen your instrument used in worship by Cornerstone or other evangelical churches before. If you can’t play an instrument yet we would love to come alongside you and help you learn.