sunday services at cornerstone newcastle

Although Cornerstone's services begin officially at 10:30, we hope you can make it 15 minutes earlier to catch up or get to know us better. You can expect the service to begin with musical worship, followed by any notices and then a sermon. Sermons usually last around 40 minutes and are followed by a time to respond in prayer or worship - with the congregation sticking around for coffee afterwards.


Worship at Cornerstone is evangelical, with a mix of old and news songs led by a band of musicians. Some may raise their hands as they sing, while others may be more contemplative; we believe music is a gift from God that can help us engage with Him and know Jesus better.


Sermon series usually follow books of the bible, with each sermon addressing a section verse-by-verse. Sermons draw out applications from the passage(s), and how they apply to modern day life in Newcastle. Sermons are taught by Cornerstone Newcastle’s preaching team or guests from partner churches and ministries.