Hospitality team

Cornerstone Newcastle’s Hospitality team do more than watch the doors. They aspire to make all feel welcomed at Cornerstone – just as Jesus welcomed us into his church.

More than pointing visitors in the right direction, Cornerstone Newcastle Hospitality team’s purpose is to ensure anyone can find their place in our church. The team help visitors from 9:45am each Sunday, at Bamburgh House main entrance and in the first-floor foyer, where we meet.

The Hospitality team make sure Cornerstone is easily spotted from Newcastle city centre with temporary signage; more importantly, they introduce visitors to regular worshippers and help them connect to the church community through Gospel Communities and other ministries.

A team of core leaders make sure Hospitality runs smoothly each Sunday, but all who call Cornerstone home are encouraged to serve when they can. Hospitality is a responsibility of the whole church, not just one ministry.

Drop us a message if you would like to serve on Hospitality