Gospel Communities

Gospel Communities – also known as home groups or small groups – are the primary way Cornerstone Newcastle grow in knowing Jesus and making Jesus known together.

While Sunday meetings are based in Newcastle city centre, Gospel Communities meet in 6 residential areas across Newcastle and Gateshead on Wednesdays or Thursdays, usually in each other’s homes.

We help each other know Jesus more by praying, reading the bible and discussing life together – as we support each other in the ordinary and extraordinary aspects of our lives. We make Jesus known by finding ways to serve our local communities, places of education or work and the wider city by sharing the gospel and helping practically.

Drop us a message if you would like to join one of our Gospel Communities.

  • fenham

    Fenham Gospel Community meets on a Thursday at 7:30pm. We want to build deep and honest relationships with God and each other; to encourage us to reach out to neighbours and friends with the love of God. Everyone is welcome!

    Led by Andy and Grace Barker and Tim and Tasha Farrow

  • gateshead

    Gateshead Gospel Community meets every Wednesday evening at 7:30. We are the only GC in Gateshead, however we welcome anyone North of the river looking for a Wednesday group. We eat together and socialise regularly, and our desire is to know Jesus more through bible study and fellowship together, and to make Jesus known by exploring what it means to be on mission in our local community. We are in the process of launching a community youth project in Gateshead this year.

    Led by Dave and Jasmine Parr


    We are a Bible-centred Gospel Community and each week we share food together and discuss what God is doing in our lives and the lives of those around us. We are excited to be on mission together so that Christ will be on display in our Gospel Community and more and more in the wider community. We meet on Thursdays at 7pm in the Heaton area. All are welcome!

    Led by Hun and Naomi Pu, George Harrison and Sha Eiam


    We meet on Thursday nights at different homes in Jesmond at 7pm, starting with dinner together. We either have a bible study, run something within the community or socialise together.  We want to encourage everyone in their faith, whether they are new to faith, or have been a Christian for a long time. As a group we want to be a welcoming place for people to bring non Christian friends.

    Led by Neil and Sasha Godon, Miranda Crawford and Tom Hopper

  • Newcastle North

    Newcastle North meets in Gosforth on a Thursday night at 7:30pm. Our GC offers a brew, cake and a relaxed environment with a focus on friendship. We aim to spur each other on in our walk with God as we impact the community where we live.

    Led by Dom and Kat Appleby

  • Newcastle west

    Newcastle West Gospel Community currently has members from Blakelaw and Fenham, but all from the west end of the city are welcome. We meet on Wednesdays during the week and get together at other times for prayer, hanging out and enjoying Newcastle (mostly over food). We help and encourage each other in our individual callings and work on sharing the gospel together.

    Led by Andy and Vikki Pestell and Matt and Megan Lowe

  • Sandyford

    Sandyford Gospel Community meet at 7 o'clock on Thursdays and share food together. We meet across the city centre in Sandyford and Spital Tongues. We encourage and challenge each other through community, with a strong focus on what God has been teaching each of us from the Bible and how he has ben using us to further his Gospel during the week.

    Led by Murray Wankling, Rachel Chan and Andy Violet